Free job posting visitors and values

Not an easy to persuade or convince the companies as employer and recruiters to post their open slots or vacant positions in free job posting website.

The second question will the candidates they will accept to apply through the free job positing website? google, Facebook and other social media they try to give more intention to solve the problem between the employer and hiring of new candidates.

App like Hire app from google is the one of the most effective app that build relation between employer and candidates which Facebook and LinkedIn trying to do so.
The value’s here is how to connect employer and employee, posting jobs and candidates applying to that jobs and gaining more visitors, the value of visitors is the main value that most of companies are looking for.

Increasing number of visitors or driving more visitors to your free job positing website will make you to face the millions of dollar that invested in recruitment companies and will be very difficult to any of growing website to skip this nightmare.


Free job posting sites help you to find good candidates for zero dollars, pretty neat, advertising like this can make big different but in the same time how you will hide that from big companies and for sure they can make much better than that.

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Author: Tarig Ali