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Options For Fixed Income Funds And Fixed Income Security

Fixed Income Funds And Fixed Income

These days there are many options available to help you stretch your dollars further. Using fixed income funds to help supplement your monthly income is a good choice for those who need a little bit extra each month. When you have to survive on a specific amount each month it can be difficult to meet all of your obligations.

Determining the amount you need to have coming in each month is important. There are several choices for creating a fixed income that you will receive each and every month. You will likely find that you need to use a broker to help you with this process.

When working to determine which firm to use, you will want to check their credentials as well as their history. Customers who have been satisfied with the service will be more than happy to tell you about their experiences. At the same time those who have not been satisfied are also likely to give you that information.

Selecting the right investments is the biggest part of this process. Finding those that will provide you with a fixed amount each month through interest payments is important. Brokers are well aware of the options that are available and can help you make the right choices.

Many people today are very hesitant about investing as there have been numerous issues over the recent history. These issues have resulted in significant losses for investors which make people be more cautious about investing in general. Using the options available for fixed income funds can be very helpful.

When you begin this process you want to determine how much fixed income security you need. This step helps you to rule out those that will not offer enough. After that you need to determine how much you need to invest to reach the goals that you have set.

Deciding to use fixed income funds for a fixed income security investment is a big decision. You first need to determine whether or not you will have the available funds to make the investment. If you do not have a personal portfolio already, you will need to work on creating one of course.

Once you have determined the needed amount of fixed income funds you wish to receive, you need to find a broker to help you create your fixed income security. There are several good choices that you might make. When considering the options you will always want to check references to ensure you are fully protected against loss.

Different Ways Of Gold Investments

Different Ways Of Gold Investments

There are different ways of investing in gold and this really depends on what you can afford. Gold investment is a very wise thing to do. Coins, bars and exchange traded funds are different ways of gold investments. Gold bars are the most traditional way of investing. These can be bought and sold in major banks over the counter. Bars are accessible in several sizes.

We can hold these bars directly by keeping it to ourselves or by keeping it in a vault on our behalf. Coin is another way of investing. It is a popular way of holding gold. Bullion coins are priced according to its weight plus premium. Most people invest in gold coins because it’s less expensive and easy to store.

Gold exchange traded funds are traded like shares. These are fully backed by gold which is deposited and insured. The account of gold is managed by buying and selling gold in the open market. These ways reflect an easy way to gain exposure to the gold price without inconvenience. Small commission is charged for trading in gold funds. Economies of scale, liquidity, and ease of buying and selling of these funds make this method a very easy method of investing. These gold investments are a very popular method.

Having gold accounts is another gold investments method. Gold money is a digital gold currency provider. We can have these accounts too instead of having to keep it physically. Derivatives are another popular way of investing in gold. Derivatives such as gold forwards, futures and options can be used every where. In the US gold futures are mainly traded on the New York Commodities Exchange. It can be traded else where too.

Mining companies do not represent gold but they are shares in gold mining companies. For instance if gold prices rise hen profit of the gold mining company might rise and then the value of share will also increase. Unlike gold bullion, unhedged gold shares are regarded as extremely volatile and risky.

The intensification of gold mining profits during times of rising prices can cause gold rush in mining industry. To decrease this volatility many mining companies hedge the gold prices. These are different ways if investing in gold. We can store them or keep them in the bank. During crisis this asset helps us and in a way keeps us out of any monetary crisis. We can choose any of the above methods depending on what best suits us or our gold portfolio.

The Best Funds For You

The Best Funds For You

Stocks and shares scare most people, so it obviously would not be smart to invest our money in something that we don’t understand or are not sure about. There are of course several safe investment areas available to us, but we are required to understand and analyze these as well before we simply invest our money. We need to be smart about our investments and put our money into investments that would give us the highest returns. While investing through big investment companies may seem like a good way to gain returns, we have no control over the gains we earn.

Mutual funds performance is out of our hands, and we are unable to customize these funds according to what we need and require. There is also a high fee to pay to avail of these services and the time taken to get returns is long and uncontrollable. Even though there are several types of mutual funds available to us, the drawbacks of all are the same, so people who are looking for safe returns fast are at a loss in the mutual fund market.

For people who are still looking to make collective investments, the safer option would be the Index Fund. This type of fund is different, as it aims to recreate the movements of a specific market, and market conditions are not very important. To avail of such a fund, the fee required is minimal, however returns are not minimized.

The low cost of this fund makes it appealing and also accessible to people who are at the lower end of the income bracket. It is also easy to manage these funds, and the investment objectives of such a fund are easy to understand. These funds are simply rebalanced every six months or every year. Style drifts are not possible with these types of funds, so diversification of a portfolio is more accurate and can easily be increased.

The turnover expected from these funds is lower, as they are passive funds and not active funds. This means that capital gain taxes are not applied to these funds and so the investor need not pay the taxes that would come along with a high turnover rate. Investing in different types of funds eventually lies on the person and what kind of returns there are looking for, but in the end the safer way to invest would be through a fund that offers higher returns with low investments, and has a nearly hundred per cent accuracy rate of being able to predict the returns a person will gain.

Top Funds to Increase The Alpha in Your Folio

Top Funds to Increase The Alpha

The need of the hour or more rightly each hour seems to be minimizing risks and maximizing profits. In order to quench this wish the investors start a drive to identify stocks that yield them a full alpha. Theoretically Alpha is the surplus return of an asset in correspondence to its benchmark index.

Aggressive and advanced strategies to manage investments in a portfolio call for high risk methods. Only a few would want to adopt this approach after the markets facing a brunt of the European crisis. One clever method is to benefit from disclosures made by some of the brightest minds through 13F Declarations; all big institutional investors or hedge fund issuers who have more than $100 million worth of transactions are directed by Securities and Exchange Control [SEC] to make their top equity assets public after the end of each quarter within a stipulated time frame of 45 days.

GURU ETF scouts for the best of the stocks that are declared by the top money managers in their 13 F listings, and then picks the best of the lot (all under equal weight age) through logical calculations of a trade mark data software . This data program is developed by AG& G Structured Solutions, Germany; the same company is responsible for making similar systems for standard benchmarks like S and P.

Investors can research through 13F filings themselves as these declarations are made public, one may find good online references on or, those who deem it as unnecessary can directly invest in a fund that gives you a stable and equal exposure to the top 50 picks that are available among the assets of the best hedge funds worldwide and delivers as per the performance of the Solactive Guru Index.

Your portfolio will reflect big names without paying high expenses of 2% plus a 20% on profits which is a norm with most good hedge fund investments. The annual expenses with these benchmark bound ETFs hover around 0.75% – 0.80% and low operational expenses is one of the biggest winners for this product and main reason for growing investor attention towards it.

A top hedge fund holding ETF follows a reshuffle quarterly, after the hedging managers make their equity disclosure; the fact doesn’t go well with some skeptics who believe that at the time of the declaration, the stock may not be as attractive when the fund bought it as the news is almost +4 months old. Other notable downside could be that the better stocks are not given higher weight age.

Being pure play products, most hedge fund ETF assign 2% asset-allocation to each security due to the exposure uniformity in the benchmark itself.

Stocks that are acquired are understandably among the best in the world. Dependence on technology is third highest and along with the heavy weights like Google Inc. and Facebook equities like the magna chip semiconductors and NXP semiconductors are also included. Heaviest sectors are the financials and industrials; together they make up for the 38% of the Index.

The guru index and its related funds were introduced in 2012 and its past performance has been quite encouraging. Although since inception, the index has delivered a cumulative return of 23.41%, what it will churn out in the long term future remains to be seen.

90-Day Non-Immigrant Thai Visa

90-Day Non-Immigrant Thai Visa

Thailand’s 90-day Non-Immigrant Visa is granted to foreign individuals who would like to be in the Kingdom for studies, doing business, retirement and others purposes.

As its title suggests, this type of visa is valid for 90 days starting on the date it is issued. The one granted with such visa can stay within Thailand for not more than 90 days although he can continue being in the country 7 days after the allowed 90-day period, apply for and obtain an extension of stay.

90-day Thai Visa Requirements

Applicants should be able to show that they do not possess any security or public threat and they also need to be in the country where they filed their application.

Additional requirements are as follows:

  • Passport

The passport should be valid for at least six (6) months starting on the day of arrival in Thailand.

  • Invitation or Confirmation Letter

If invited by an organization, an invitation or confirmation letter must be presented by the applicant to affirm his intentions in visiting Thailand.

  • Embassy Fee
  • Other documents

The Royal Thai Embassy or consulate may ask the applicant to present additional supporting documents.

  • Proof of funds

The applicant must be able to present proof of financial capacity such as bank statements.

  • Travel itinerary

There are two options in filing for this visa, either by mail or personally at the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate.

Benefits of having a 90-day Thai Visa

Holders of the 90-day Non-Immigrant Visa may be able to convert their current visa to one year extension of stay provided that they have met the requirements set by the other visa types with some of these Non-Immigrant Visa types can be applied within Thailand.

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General Process in 90-day Thai Visa Application

  • The applicant will have to prepare the necessary documents including the invitation letter from the inviting organization in Thailand.
  • He should submit these by mail or in person at the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate.
  • He should then pay the applicable fees either in cash, cashier’s check or through credit card.
  • The duration of visa processing would depend on the documents presented as well as on the embassy or consulate where these documents were submitted (working days are also affected by holidays and non-working days).

Thai Retirement Visa

Thai Retirement Visa

Thailand’s Non-Immigrant “O” Visa, more popularly known as the Retirement Visa, is for issuance exclusively for qualified foreign individuals. This visa is also referred to as the One Year Extension of Stay Based on Retirement.

Its validity is for a year and the retiree can choose to extend his stay in Thailand by renewing it annually either in Thailand, in his home country or country of residence.

He can choose to apply for the said visa in his home country or in Thailand depending on the circumstances surrounding his documents and eligibility.

Thai Retirement Visa Requirements


The applicant should be 50 years old or above by the time he files his application.

Financial Capacity

He must be able to present proof that he can support himself throughout his stay in the Kingdom as he is not allowed to work and earn income inside Thailand. He can support his claim of financial capacity through:

  • Thai Bank Account
  • The said account should have at least 800,000 baht in deposits.
  • Updated bank book (passbook).
  • Letter from the bank certifying that the deposited amount are sourced out from abroad and that it has been in the account for not less than 2 months.
  • Monthly income/pension
  • The income involved should not come from within Thailand but from abroad.
  • The monthly income or pension should not fall down below 65,000 baht per month.
  • Should obtain an affidavit of monthly income from his respective embassy or consulate within the Kingdom.

A combination of both

  • If the deposited amount is below 800,000 baht but his monthly pension is high enough that the annual combination of both could reach more than the said amount, this can be resolved.
  • Should also show an updated passbook and certification from the applicant’s embassy in support of the applicant’s passing of the financial requirement.

Other documents

Only required by some Royal Thai Embassies or Consulates on applications for Retirement Visa and on instances wherein the “O-A” Visa applications have been done personally at the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulates abroad.

  • Police Clearance
  • Medical Certificate

What are my application options in Thai Retirement Visa?

  • Retirees can file their application for Retirement Visa at the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in their home countries. However, filing for and obtaining the single entry or multiple entry Visa with a validity of one full year can only be done in selected embassies or consulates.
  • Retirees can also choose to file for a Non-Immigrant Visa at the Royal Thai Embassies or Consulates in their home country first and when granted with such visa, they will apply for a one year extension after they entered Thailand. Nonetheless, they can only file for an extension after the lapse of 60 days in staying in Thailand or that their permission to stay in the Kingdom will be down to 21 days.
  • Additionally, foreigners with visa exemption stamps or on tourist visas may file for and be granted with Retirement Visa provided that they are able to qualify with the requirements and for a one year extension of stay. Applications through this route should be done at the immigration office within the Kingdom.

Things to Remember

  • Work

Foreigners with retirement visas will not be given work permits if ever they wish to work in Thailand thus working for a living will not be possible.

  • Reporting every 90 days

Retirees are required to report to the immigration office once every 90 days to ascertain their place of residence in Thailand. They may elect to appoint someone to do the reporting on their behalf through the Power of Attorney.

However, retirees who are not in Thailand in the 90th day would not be required to do so.

  • Re-entry Permit

Retirees may choose to apply for a multiple re-entry permits if they would traveling outside of Thailand within the year but if they are going to stay in the Kingdom for a year without exiting, they may opt for the single entry.

Yet, in case that the need for them to exit the country arise and they are on single entry permits, they will have to apply for re-entry permits at the immigration office or at the immigration desk at the international airport before leaving the country so as avoid their visa getting cancelled.

  • Bank Account

The retirement visa is valid for a year and the holder can choose to renew it annually using the same set of requirements except with the funds in his bank account. The funds should have been deposited for at least 3 months prior to renewal of visa. Meaning to say, if the applicant files for a renewal of the said visa, he will need to furnish and prove that he has another “set” of 800,000 baht in his bank account. Get more information on Fun88.

  • Bringing in of Household Items

The Bureau of Customs will impose import duties for household items that the retiree will bring to Thailand.

Thai Marriage Visa

Thai Marriage Visa

The One Year Extension of Stay Based on Marriage or what is popularly known as Marriage Visa is issued to an eligible foreign individual who is married to a Thai national. This visa allows the individual to stay in Thailand for a full year with no need to exit the country.

It can be renewed annually in the Kingdom provided that the individual is able to satisfy the requirements.

When granted, the foreign national may opt to work in Thailand provided that he will be able to secure a work permit prior to taking any sort of job in the country.

Thai Marriage Visa Requirements

  • Marriage with a Thai national

As the moniker suggests, the foreign individual must be, first and foremost, married to a Thai national in order to qualify for this visa. This will be proven by their Marriage Certificate. However, an immigration office may also require him to submit a copy of Affirmation of Freedom to Marry which he secured at the embassy of his home country in Thailand.

  • Finances
  • The applicant must have at least 400,000 baht deposited in his Thai Bank Account not below two (2) months prior his application.
  • He must have at least 40,000 baht monthly income to be supported by a certificate from his home country’s embassy for verification purposes.
  • A combination of both his Thai Bank Account and annual income should total not less than 400,000 baht.
  • Other clearances

These certificates are not required when the applicant files for the said visa in Thailand. However, these may be required by some Royal Thai Embassies or Consulates abroad for the issuance of a Non-Immigrant “O” Visa.

  • Police Clearance
  • Medical Certificate

Thai Marriage Visa Application Process

The foreigner cannot apply directly for a Marriage Visa per se but he has to qualify and apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa in his home country which he can be granted with a 90-day or even a one year stay.

He should then travel to Thailand to have his Non-Immigrant Visa activated and then he should prepare the necessary documentation and financial requirements needed in filing for an extension of stay (Marriage Visa).

His application for an extension of stay should be submitted at the Immigration Office.

Another, the extension will commence within 30 days left on the 90-day permit to stay or when 21 days is left on his permit to stay in Thailand.

If the foreigner is on a Visa Exemption Stamp or Tourist Visa, application for a Marriage Visa is possible for him but he has to satisfy the requirements set for a Non-Immigrant “O” Visa and One Year Extension of Stay Visa and then file his application at the Immigration Office within Thailand.

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Important Things To Remember for Thai Marriage Visa Holders

  • 90 day Reporting

The foreigner on a Marriage Visa needs to report his place of residence with the Immigration Office every 90 days.

In case that he is not in the Kingdom on the 90th day, the counting will begin again after the said day or upon his re-entry to Thailand.

  • Re-entry Permit

The Marriage Visa holder must make sure to obtain a multiple re-entry permit if he expects to exit Thailand within the year otherwise having a single entry is alright if he will be staying in the Kingdom continuously.

But if he is in a single entry permit but he has to exit Thailand for whatever reason, then he should secure a re-entry permit prior to leaving the country at the Immigration Office or at the international airport to avoid his visa getting cancelled.

  • Bank Account

In order for him to renew his visa for another year, he must have another set of 400,000 deposited in his Thai Bank Account or a combination of his annual income and Thai Bank Account deposits 3 months prior to his application for renewal.

  • Divorce

In case his marriage with his Thai spouse has been terminated by virtue of a divorce, his Marriage Visa may be cancelled as there will be no marriage to speak of. If this happens, he has to leave Thailand immediately although in some cases, foreigners on Marriage Visas may be allowed to stay in the country within the allowed period even if their marriage have already ceased to exist.

One Year Multiple Entry Visa: General

One Year Multiple Entry Visa: General

Thailand’s One Year Multiple Entry Non-Immigrant Visa is issued to foreigners who would like to use of the chance in staying in the Kingdom for an extended length of time although they have to exit the country every 90 days within the year.

It is issued to applicants who are qualified for the said visa but being granted with it may also depend on their purposes for their visit.

Those who are issued with the said visa can stay in Thailand for a total of one year starting on the date such visa has been issued. It can also be extended for 3 months on or prior to its date of expiration.

One Year Thai Visa Requirements

The least visitors that Thailand wants are individuals who have undesirable backgrounds thereby pose some risks to the public and of the nation’s security.

Furthermore, the applicants should file their application in the country where they are physically present.

Readers should be reminded, however, that the list below contains the general requirements only. The Royal Thai Embassy or the Consulate may require the applicants to furnish additional documentation. Check out other tips on San Vicente Granadinas

  • Passport

This should be valid for more than a year beginning on the intended travel date to the Kingdom.

  • Letters

In case that an applicant has been invited by an organization in Thailand, he should also present an invitation or confirmation officially issued by the said agency.

  • Proof of funds

This is to certify that the applicant is adequately capable in supporting himself throughout his stay in the Kingdom.

This may include but not limited to bank statements.

  • Embassy Fee

The applicant must pay the applicable embassy and filing fees.

One Year Thai Visa Application Process

  • Applicants are responsible in preparing all the necessary documents including securing the invitation or confirmation letter.
  • They should be able to submit these at the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate located where they are physically present either by mail or in person.
  • Pay the required fees either in cash, cashier’s check or credit card.
  • Wait for the feedback from the embassy or consulate whether the application have been approved or not.

Retirement & Medical Care in Thailand

Retirement & Medical Care in Thailand

You don’t want to be in a foreign country without any health insurance.  Every so often I hear of someone ending up in hospital and having to foot a massive account. Cheap by US or UK standards but not having access to any money when in hospital could add more stress on an already stressful event. Kidney stones are very common amongst expats in Thailand and in the past 4 years I have met 2 who have had that problem.

Another is motorcycle accidents which are so common that most accident coverage in Thailand will only pay 50% of hospital fees for a motorbike accident if the insured person was the driver.

Thailand has many private hospitals which are internationally accredited and medical tourism has kicked off in Thailand some time ago. It is estimated that more than 1 million people come to Thailand every year for medical procedures alone. There are government hospitals however they are crowed like any other government hospital anywhere in the world, so always ensure that you have medical cover.

There is no ambulance service in Thailand such as what you would expect in the West. The ambulances in Thailand are usually owned by the hospitals. Of note however is that medical malpractice lawsuits are not very common and rarely heard of in Thailand. One of the reasons why medical health care is so inexpensive as there are lower levels of insurance.

There are 3 main insurance companies for health coverage in Thailand:


BUPA is well known in Thailand and have different coverage options.


AIA is also well known in Thailand and used extensively by government employers.

Thai Health Insurance

THI also sells coverage, so shop around as to what is best suited to your needs and age.

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Retired: Working in Thailand

Retired: Working in Thailand

Many foreigners who do come to live in Thailand decide to work later to alleviate the boredom. There is a list of occupational positions which foreigners are not allowed to hold. Any work that you might decide to do in Thailand would require you having a Thai work permit. Applying for a work permit however will invalidate your O-A status as being retired.

Should you however decide to leave the job you held and wanted to get your O-A retirement visa back, the retirement process would have to be started again.

Not having a work permit in Thailand while working be it for payment or even volunteer work will create many problems such as arrests and deportation are common. Here are some of the most common professions held.

English Teacher

There is always a demand for English teachers in Thailand. Salaries vary according to your qualifications, employer and location. The typical salary for an English teacher in Thailand is about 30,000 Baht per month, which would be for 9 months of the year while typically no salary is paid for the summer break periods during March, April and October. Some government schools however might pay half salaries during October while many bilingual schools pay a full salary every month. Real international schools typical pay about 40-60,000 Baht a month (20 Hours per week) while the more expensive ones might go all the way up to 100,000 Baht per month if you hold a Master degree in English. Universities typically do not pay very well and usually range in the 35-40,000 Baht per month (10-12 hours per week) however the teaching hours are typically half of that which you would teach in a school. Find more information on

Small Business Owner

There are many businesses for sale in Thailand and typically people try to start their own or buying an existing business. Buying any business requires proper diligence or you might find your nest egg disappearing into staff salaries and other overheads. Thailand tends to draw a certain theme when it comes to expatriate businesses. These are typical buying a bar, guesthouse or diving operation. Each comes with its own risks as most businesses in Thailand are seasonal. Most bars make most of their money during the high season which runs from November to February the following year. The bar business has not been very good over the past 3-4 years as the amount of bars coming onto the market as well as cheap guesthouses has created a glut of empty chairs and beds. It’s a tough market and whatever you are thinking of doing – someone has tried it before. It’s hard work, high risk and has relatively low returns. The question however is; are you willing to risk your nest egg on it?

Internet Based Businesses

There are people in Thailand doing a roaring trade on the internet. Like any other businesses however nothing remains unique for very long. Selling clothing on Ebay was a good idea until hoards of others started doing the same. Typically the sales go down as consumers are spoilt for choice. The internet business does suit those retiring in Thailand as it is part-time and you can enjoy your retirement in Thailand without the hassles of doing business fulltime. Others program off the internet and do remote work, however the Indians are very competitive in the global IT market as they undercut and can live on what you can’t.

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